Faculty Advisory Council

ESPP's faculty advisory council helps steer the program's direction.

Members are:

  • Doug Bessette
    Affiliation: CANR;Community Sustainability

  • Courtney Carignan
    Affiliation: CANR; Food Science and Human Nutrition; Pharmacology and Toxicology; Epidemiology and Biostatistics

  • Stephen P. Gasteyer
    Affiliation:CSS; Sociology

  • Joseph Hamm
    Affiliation: CSS;ESPP, Criminal Justice

  • Emily Silver Huff
    Affiliation: CANR;Forestry

  • Lifeng Luo
    Affiliation: CSS; Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences

  • Yadu Pokhrel
    Affiliation: EGR; Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Dawn Reinhold
    Affiliation: EGR/CANR; Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

  • R. Jan Stevenson
    Affiliation: CNS; Integrative Biology

  • Wei Zhang
    Affiliation: CANR; Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

Graduate Program Council

ESPP's graduate council shapes the program's doctoral dual major.

Members are:

  • Dylan Brewer, Student Representative
    Affiliation: Economics; Environmental Science and Policy

  • Jennifer Carrera
    Affiliation: Sociology

  • Joe Herriges, Committee Chair
    Affiliation: Economics; Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics

  • Amber Pearson
    Affiliation: Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences

  • Matt Schrenk
    Affiliation: Geological Science; Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

  • Bruno Takahashi
    Affiliation: Communication; Journalism

  • Kyle Whyte
    Affiliation: Philosophy

  • Wei Zhang
    Affiliation: Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

For a list of past members of the FAC and GPC, click here.