Welcome to the Environmental Science and Policy Program, an umbrella for environmental research and graduate education at Michigan State University.


ESPP was established in 2003 in order to:

  • Build graduate education programs that are innovative, interdisciplinary and campus wide;
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary environmental research at MSU and, in particular, link MSU research with national and global research priorities; and
  • Make MSU's areas of excellence better connected with and more visible in national and global efforts.
ESPP student seminar. Stephanie Miller presenting.


Our activities include:

Fisheries and wildlife foresics lab


ESPP is structured to be flexible and inclusive. A relatively small staff administers programs. Any faculty member at MSU can affiliate with ESPP, and any graduate student can take classes. ESPP's Faculty Advisory Council, composed of faculty, helps set priorities along with the Graduate Program Council which shapes the program's doctoral specialization. ESPP is also advised and funded by the Deans of the Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Engineering and the Graduate School; the Director of AgBioResearch; the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies; and the Provost.

wildlife research

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