About the Colloquia Series

The Environmental Science and Policy Program is starting a Research Colloquia Series that extends the format of the former student research presentations by ESPP specialization students to now include a variety of formats including student and expert panel discussions, faculty roundtables and debates. These events will utilize ESPP's unique network of MSU expertise spanning MSU's colleges to address important and timely environmental issues that cross disciplinary boundaries. The ESPP Research Colloquia Series is envisioned as a forum for MSU students, researchers and visitors to engage in research discussions where an interdisciplinary perspective is critical.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Lake Huron Room, MSU Student Union
Michigan State University


Aaron McCright

Dr. Aaron McCright
MSU Sociology


Bruno Takahashi

Dr. Bruno Takahashi
MSU Communications

Dr. Kevin Ells

Dr. Kevin Ells
Texas A & M University

Kent Taylor

Kent Taylor
The Climate Reality Project


Environmental Communication discussion

Vlad Tarabara Carson Reeling panel Banjo Adam Bump