The Donald and Barbara Sawyer-Koch Endowment


The Sawyer-Koch Family

In 2013, the 10-year anniversary of the Environmental Science and Policy Program, the family of Barbara Sawyer-Koch and Donald Koch presented ESPP with the Fate of the Earth Endowment. Barb and Don share a passion for the environment and a deep concern for the negative impacts of climate change, and air and water degradation will have on future generations. While both have a long history with MSU, they wanted to ensure their estate would specifically address sustainability. In addition to MSU's research and outreach strengths, they were especially drawn to the interdisciplinary approach of ESPP. The name of the endowment comes from the book "Fate of the Earth" by Jonathan Schell which led Don to compare the potential threat of a nuclear holocause to what civilization inflicts on the environment on a daily basis.