Plenary Speakers

Dan Costa

Dan Costa, National Program Director in EPA's Air, Climate and Energy Research Program. His research explores how air pollution can adversely affect health. Specifically, he researches the small physiological steps behind adverse health effects and how understanding the mechanisms can help reduce the health risks of air pollution.

Plenary speech title: TBA African trypanosomiasis, otherwise known as sleeping sickness in humans and nagana in animals, is a parasitic protist passed cyclically by the tsetse fly. Despite more than a century of control and eradication efforts, the fly remains widely distributed across Africa. One of eighteen diseases classified as a neglected tropical disease by the World Health Organization, African Trypanosomiasis is one of four diseases targeted for elimination. However, disease management is hampered by spatially and temporally variant vector distributions, ecologically irrelevant boundaries, and neglect. Tsetse are particularly well suited to move into previously disease-free areas under climate change scenarios, placing unprepared populations at risk. Here I present the modeling framework ATcast, which combines a dynamically downscaled regional climate model with a temporally and spatially dynamic species distribution model to predict tsetse populations over space and time. I also discuss the prospects for unconventional control methods, control success probability, and challenges faced by public health agencies fighting neglected tropical diseases.

Bob Dixson

Bob Dixson, Mayor of Greensburg Kansas. Her plenary speech is titled: TBA Abstract: TBA

Dr. SHawn McElmurry

Dr. Shawn McElmurry, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Wayne State University. His research focuses on His plenary speech is titled "TBA" Abstract:TBA

Harsha Ratnaweera

Prof. Harsha Ratnaweera is the Head of Research at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences since 2012. He has also worked at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research ( for 20 years as the Director of International Projects and Innovation. Prof. Ratnaweera represents Norway at the Council of the European Water Association and serves as Chairman/Board Member in several water and environment related organizations in Norway. He has been a member of the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO. Plenary title: Urban Environment: Sustainable Solutions for Water Plenary abstract: Water supply and wastewater management in urban areas are already under pressure duBoe to increasing population, backlog of infrastructure rehabilitation needs, lack of resources and pressures to meet increasing water supply expectations from inhabitants and authorities. Climate Change impacts make these challenges even more critical. Finding innovative solutions that are economical, technologically feasible and sustainable are the focus of many ongoing R&D activities. The use of Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) and intelligent solutions to unveil hidden reserve volumes in integrated sewer systems are potential solutions. They are promising examples that will not only reduce storm water overflows and flood events but will also enable increasing the treatment efficiencies at wastewater treatment plants.