Faculty members that begin with the letter A.

Adelaja, Soji O.John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land PolicyAgricultural, Food, and Resource EconomicsYesYesYes
Alocilja, Evangelyn C.Associate ProfessorBiosystems and Agricultural EngineeringYesYesYes
Anctil, Annick Civil and Environmental EngineeringYesYesYes
Anderson, Soren Assistant ProfessorEconomics; Agricultural, Food and Resource EconomicsYesYesYes
Andresen, Jeffrey A.Associate ProfessorGeography, Environment and Spatial SciencesYesYesYes
Arbogast, Alan F.ChairDepartment of Geography, Environment and Spatial SciencesYesYesYes
Atkinson, James WProfessorIntegrative Biology, Natural ScienceYesYesYes
Auras, Rafael Assistant ProfessorPackagingYesYesYes
Axelrod, Mark L.Assistant ProfessorFisheries and Wildlife, James Madison CollegeYesYesYes
* Available to be interviewed by the media.
** Available to talk to state and local governmental officials.
*** Available to talk to primary and secondary teachers.

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