Faculty members that begin with the letter C.

Cabrera, Laura Assistant ProfessorCenter for Ethics and Humanities in Life ScienceYesYesYes
Carignan, Courtney Assistant ProfessorFood Science and Human Nutrition; Pharmacology and Toxicology; Epidemiology and BiostatisticsYesYesYes
Carrera, Jennifer Assistant ProfessorSociologyYesYesYes
Chen, Guo Associate ProfessorGeography, Environment and Spatial SciencesYesYesYes
Chen, Jiquan ProfessorGeography, Environment and Spatial ScienceYesYesYes
Cheruvelil, Kendra S.Assistant ProfessorLyman Briggs College and Fisheries & WildlifeYesYesYes
Chou, Karen Associate ProfessorAnimal ScienceYesYesYes
Cookingham, Peter O.Project DirectorTurfgrass Information Center (MSU Libraries)YesYesYes
Cupples, Alison M.Assistant ProfessorCivil & Environmental EngineeringYesYesYes
* Available to be interviewed by the media.
** Available to talk to state and local governmental officials.
*** Available to talk to primary and secondary teachers.

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