For Faculty

Interdisciplinary Team Building Initiative
ESPP-AgBioResearch Interdisciplinary Team Building Initiative
ESPP and AgBioResearch offer the Interdisciplinary Team Building Initiative, a funding mechanism promoting collaboration among faculty researchers from different disciplines, to enhance our capacity to grow broadly defined interdisciplinary environmental scholarship and to compete for external grants. Annual deadlines are April 15 and Dec. 1.


VISTAS - Visiting Scholars to Advance Science Grants
Visiting Scholars to Advance Science Grants (VISTAS)
ESPP is pleased to offer Visiting Scholars to Advance Science (VISTAS) grants to promote and facilitate development of multi-University research proposals led by MSU faculty in the areas of environmental science, technology and policy. Applications are due Feb. 1 and Sept. 30, annually.


Note to Faculty: Our current funding structure for faculty grants requires all applications and proposals be routed through the above two programs. We are not currently offering funding for faculty travel or conferences outside of the ITBI or VISTAS programs. If you would like to apply for a VISTAS or ITBI grant, please click the above buttons.


Please also see the external funding opportunities on our broader funding pages which includes: