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NSF/FDA Scholar-in-Residence at FDA - NSF 10-533
The National Science Foundation (NSF), through the Directorate for Engineering's Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET), and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), through its Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) have established the NSF/FDA Scholar-in-Residence Program at FDA. This program comprises an interagency partnership for the investigation of scientific and engineering issues concerning emerging trends in medical device technology. This partnership is designed to enable investigators in science, engineering, and mathematics to develop research collaborations within the intramural research environment at the FDA. This solicitation features four flexible mechanisms for support of research at the FDA: 1) Faculty at FDA; 2) Graduate Student Fellowships; 3) Postdoctoral Fellowships; and, 4) Undergraduate Student Research Experiences. Undergraduate student participants supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.
Proposals accepted anytime

Solution Search: Biodiversity in Agriculture
Rare and several partner organizations announce “Solution Search: Farming for Biodiversity” as a competition to identify and reward promising approaches to conserve biodiversity on agricultural lands. Examples include integration of biodiversity and ecosystems in the management of sustainable land use; methods of pest control that reduce toxic runoff; methods of organic farming for enhanced biodiversity; control of livestock to protect flora and fauna; and innovations to reduce human-animal conflict in agricultural areas.
March 10, 2017

FY 2017 NOAA Coastal Resilience Grants Program - Synopsis 1
The objective of the NOAA Coastal Resilience Grants program, jointly administered by NOAA's National Ocean Service and National Marine Fisheries Service, is to implement projects that build resilient U.S. coastal communities, economies and ecosystems. Resilience is the ability to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, and successfully adapt. This program is intended to build resilience by reducing the risk to coastal communities, economies and ecosystems from extreme weather events and climate-related hazards. Projects that build resilience include activities that protect life and property, safeguard people and infrastructure, strengthen the economy, and/or conserve and restore coastal and marine resources. The NOAA Coastal Resilience Grants Program will support two categories of activities: 1) Strengthening Coastal Communities: activities that improve capacity of multiple coastal jurisdictions (states, counties, municipalities, territories and tribes) to prepare and plan for, absorb impacts of, recover from, and/or adapt to extreme weather events and climate-related hazards; or 2) Habitat Restoration: activities that restore habitat to strengthen the resilience of coastal ecosystems and decrease the vulnerability of coastal communities to extreme weather events and climate-related hazards. Proposals focused on improving capacity of multiple coastal jurisdictions should identify and describe how the project will address: 1) the vulnerability, issue(s) or problem limiting the resilience of coastal jurisdictions to be addressed, 2) the proposed project’s expected outcomes and the actions to be undertaken, and 3) how the proposed actions will enhance resilience within the jurisdictions expected to benefit from the project.
Mar 15, 2017

Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore Overseas Seed Fund for Water Technologies
Seeking beyond incremental improvements to the existing technologies, PUB Overseas Seed Fund for Water Technologies aims to solicit novel and ingenious breakthrough ideas to develop proof-of-concept for disruptive water technologies that will bring the water research in Singapore to a whole new level.
April 18, 2017

Foundation Segré: (Call for Concept Papers) Wildlife Conservation
Fondation Segré focuses on the conservation of threatened species and their habitat, and the restoration of degraded ecosystems. It supports conservation projects around the world – including in the developing regions of Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean; Asia-Pacific; and Europe and the Middle East. The Foundation welcomes proposals anytime in the preliminary form of a brief concept. If the concept is approved by the Foundation, the proponent will be invited to submit a full proposal. Proposals are welcome anytime in the preliminary form of a concept of no more than 2,000 words.
Proposals are welcome anytime.

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