Student Recipients

October 2014
Edgar Aguirre (Packaging) Ya-Hui Chuang (Plant, Soil, Microbial Science)
Carie Cunningham (Media and Information Studies) Katherine Detzman (Sociology)
Ran Duan (Journalism) Erica Giorda (Sociology)
Molly Good (Fisheries & Wildlife) Tsuyoshi Oshita (Media and Information Studies) Betsy Riley (Fisheries & Wildlife) Fredy Rodriguez (Anthropology)
Paul Wilburn (Media and Information Studies) 
July 2014
Cheng-Hua Liu (Plant, Soil and Microbial Science)
Cameron Whitley (Sociology)
Cameron Whitley (Sociology)
April 2014
Tula Ngasala (Civil Engineering)
Micaleila Desotelle (Zoology)
Jennifer Kelly (Sociology)
Michelle Lute (Fisheries & Wildlife)
Fernanda Paes (CEE)
January 2014
Christina Leshko (Sociology)
Saul Daniel Dduma (Geography)
October 2013
Steve Roels (Zoology)
Kateri Salk (Zoology)
May 2013
Julie M. Novak
Fatoumata B. Barry (Geography)
October 2012
Ellis Adams (Geography)
Perdinan (Geography)
Zach Piso (Philosophy)
Leilei Ruan (Plan, Soil and Microbial Sciences)
Chenguang Wang (Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics)
March/May 2012
Abigail Lynch (Fisheries and Wildlife)
Anna Malavisi (Philsophy)
Carol Terracina Hartman (Communications Arts & Science)
Michelle Lute (Fisheries and Wildlife)
Wu Yang (Fisheries and Wildlife)
January 2012
Miaoying Shi (Forestry)
Sheldon Turner (Geological Sciences and ESPP)
Ian Werkheiser (Philosophy)
October 2011
Glenn O'Neil (Geography)
July 2011
Yaseen Hamaamin (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
Lisa Szymecko (Community, Agriculture, Recreation & Resource Studies and ESPP)
Leigh Whittinghill (Horticulture and ESPP)
April 2011
Elise Beneviste (Sociology)
Robert Drost (Geography and ESPP)
Subhasis Giri (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
Edwin Martinez (Crop and Soil Sciences)
Jared Myers (Fisheries and Wildlife)
Linda Novitski (Zoology and ESPP)
Cameron Whitley (Sociology and ESPP)
January 2011
Jessica Jane King (Sociology and ESPP)
Wu Yang (Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability and ESPP)
Perdinan (Geography and ESPP)
Mamta Vardhan (Community, Agriculture, Recreation & Resource Studies and ESPP)
Colin Kremer (Plant Biology)
Mridul K. Thomas (Ecology, Evolutionary Biology & Behavior)
October 2010
Michelle Lute (Fisheries and Wildlife)
Dena Cologgi (Microbiology)
Jennifer Kelly (Sociology and ESPP)
Leigh Whittinghill (Horticulture and ESPP)
April 2010
Mamta Vardhan (Community, Agriculture, Recreation & Resource Studies and ESPP)
Kali Bird (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)
C. Emi Fergus (Fisheries and Wildlife)
Weimin Sun (Environmental Engineering)
Leila Desotelle (Zoology and ESPP)
January 2010
David Bidwell (Sociology and ESPP)
Rich Grogan (CARRS and ESPP)
Mehmet Oztan (Environmental Engineering)
Emily Johnston (Fisheries and Wildlife)
Sean Woznicki (Biosystems)
Brad Love (Biosystems)
Victoria Campbell-Arvai (CARRS and ESPP)
Jubin Cheruvelil (Anthropology)
Xiadong Chen (Fisheries and Wildlife)
Sherry Martin (Fisheries and Wildlife)
Stephanie Miller (Zoology and ESPP)