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The Environmental Science and Policy Program at Michigan State University is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity: Visiting Scholars to Advance Science (VISTAS) grants, designed to increase networking opportunities for MSU faculty, bring world-class experts to MSU, and facilitate development of multi-University research proposals in the areas of environmental science, technology, and policy.

The VISTAS grants aim to provide support for scholars from other universities and institutions to visit MSU to develop externally funded research proposals jointly with MSU researchers. The grants will cover transportation, housing and per diems for the visiting faculty, allowing them to spend quality time to work with MSU colleagues. VISTAS funding is different from typical seminar support programs and feature longer visiting periods, more intensive interactions with MSU researchers, and explicit goals toward grant proposals.

For MSU faculty and researchers
This is a chance to collaborate on proposals, expand professional networks, and enhance the reach of the Michigan State University research brand.

Proposals will be accepted two times a year
The deadline to apply for the spring award is February 1. The deadline to apply for the fall award is September 30. Requests submitted at any other time but for one of two annual deadlines must be accompanied by a justification (e.g. a request for proposals by a funding agency was posted on a short notice)

Typical awards are $3,000 for a domestic visitor and $4,000 for an international visitor. Larger requests will be considered in exceptional circumstances where multiple visitors or an extended stay are vital to the success of the target proposals. Once awarded, the fund needs to be spent within one year, and special justification is required in the application if more time is needed.

Selection criteria include:

  1. Nature of the targeted grant. Only interdisciplinary proposals are eligible. Priority will be given to center-type research initiatives.
  2. Potential of the proposal to successfully lead to external funding.
  3. Expected contribution and academic record of the visiting scholar.
  4. Potential impact of the visit on the broader MSU environmental research community.
  5. Relevance to environmental science, technology, and policy.

To apply for the award, MSU researchers need to submit:

  1. A narrative with a brief justification of the request. This two-page maximum narrative must identify the visitors as well as the grant for which you are applying,
  2. A modest, detailed draft budget for the costs of airfare, lodging and per diem,
  3. The MSU researcher’s curriculum vitae in NSF format (two pages, maximum),
  4. Current and pending support form for the MSU research (NSF format), and
  5. CV(s) of visiting scholar(s), (two pages maximum, NSF format).

A VISTAS proposal template is available here in Word format.



For more information and to apply
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