Brew Talks

Brew Talks is an MSU Water Science Network program to stimulate research ideas from collaborations you may not otherwise consider. You choose the brew – coffee, beer, whatever – and we’ll help you find someone with whom to share it.

It’s fast and easy. If nothing happens, at worst you’re out the cost of drinks. At best? You could meet a new and valuable collaborator to brew up a promising avenue of research.

How It Works

  1. Faculty members sign up for the Brew Talk pool on the ESPP website. The online form allows for random pairings or for meeting a new hire or someone from a particular discipline.
  2. The Water Science Network notifies pairs that have been matched for a Brew Talk.
  3. The two faculty members, with the assistance of ESPP, pick a meeting time and location – and a brew. They pay for their own drinks.
  4. Discuss your research interests. How the conversation goes is up to you.
  5. Later you complete a very short online survey.
  6. That’s it! There is no obligation to meet again. But we expect many of these conversations will brew up new collaborations and fresh research proposals.


Please provide us with the following information to participate in a Brew Talk.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Erin Dreelin at

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Would you prefer to meet a new hire?:
Would you prefer to meet someone in a specific discipline?:
If so, which discipline?:
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